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High standard for security requirements

We understand that in ipm-360 highly sensitive information has to be protected from unauthorized access. Therefore we have taken extensive steps to ensure that your data is highly secure in our platform.

The basic technology of ipm-360 is Domino. The infrastructure of IBM has already proven itself in many security-sensitive environments such as the German Ministry of Defense, Allianz SE and Deutsche Bank.

SSL and Thawte Certificate
A secure transmission of data is provided by the Secure Sockets Layer 128-bit certificate (SSL 3.0) and the Thawte Certificate 1024 bit. Also a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is used. ipm-360 is single sign-on capable, it can be integrated into existing IT business solutions, such as intranets. The user only requires a login and password to access the different applications.

Shared or dedicated hosting
The use of our web-based platform is available as a shared or dedicated hosting. Shared Hosting: We provide hardware infrastructure, which is used by other ipm-360 customers as well. Security guarantees are also wholly met. Dedicated Hosting: You use a dedicated server for ipm-360. Our servers are located in Germany only. In addition, you can also use ipm-360 on your own servers.

Availability: up to 99.5 percent
We have a very reliable product. Therefore, we can offer an availability of ipm-360 of up to 99.5 percent in annual average. Our actions begin with physical security. All Domino servers are located in a convection-cooled and personal entry access protected data center with high bandwidth reserve. For the internet connection a 40 Gbit/s wire is used.

Redundant firewalls
The production and standby servers are each protected by their own firewalls. Under constant control of system administration by IPM United. Further actions: uninterruptible power supply (UPS), on-line mirroring of all data, daily full offsite backups and remote support via VPN access.

Four-eye principle
A password system with four-eyes principle for allocation of user accesses and a roles and rights system to ensure access security.

Tailored content
We show, for example, the goal and task planning with ipm-360. Or dealing with the topics agenda and the event calendar for a professional topics management. By exactly matching contents, the effort is reduced considerably. The training sessions last a maximum of three hours. To read up and deepening, the participants receive a manual. When implementing a 360 solution, we also provide after-care at the workplace.

Modular training course material
Our training concept is modular. Anytime, a training to another ipm-360 product can be added.

No time for a classroom training? It's online, too!
For staff at other sites or external service provider, we can take care of online training. Just like an online conference, the course participants can view the screen of ipm-360 trainer via internet and easily have the application explained to them in their workplace. This saves time and travel costs.

Quick Start: Tutorials
For users who want to get a quick and easy overview, ipm-360 offers tutorials. They explain step by step the work with the application.

Roles and rights system ipm-360

  • The role allows actions: viewer, participant, manager, owner.
  • The right level determines how much information a user gets.