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Understand. Act. Perform.

Ipm-360 is the first management platform to represent a company’s entire process of intellectual value creation and can thereby drastically reduce time to market.

In the Internet Age success is a question of speed. It's all about being faster than the competitors in discovering change, understanding trends and reacting. And it's a question of relevance: To create offers which support the company's objectives and which meet the stakeholders' expectations. Til now it was impossible to accomplish both requirements.

The problem's core is the partition between the market perspective's processes and results and the management processes involving resources and priorities. Information about what stakeholders are expecting and what the company wants to achieve is not available. Or it does not answer the questions by those people who have to act as a gateway to clients and other stakeholders.

Ipm-360 synchronizes two worlds apart. Market research and analysis data is aggregated into interpretable pictures and transported into the internal planning process without detour. Ipm-360 coordinates the resulting actions and points out their impact. Thus measures become conform to strategy and relevant to market.

Currently ipm-360 is the most powerful platform for areas creating values like reputation, brand image or employer branding. It consists of combinable modules. Ipm-360 meets strategists', creative professionals' and controllers' requirements.
ipm-360 modules
Choose the module which meets your current requirements. You may add further modules any time.

IPM approach
Our integrated management approach combines business and market perspective with a uniform method.