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Professional management in dynamic times

Since their importance to a company’s success increases, Marketing, Corporate Communication, HR and Product Development are more and more subject to the rules of financial controlling. In the competition for budgets, strategies and projects have to be founded on performance indicators, their progress has to be documented and their value added has to be proven.

Studies prove that those in charge spend a considerable amount of their already scarce time on collecting and consolidating data. Their core competences, fast reaction to change and the differentiation from competitors, are threatened to fall by the wayside due to red tape and paperwork.

Ipm-360 is a web-based product series designed for professionals. It is fitted to the needs of teams working in a conceptual fashion. The core idea is that of intelligent networking: With online media and communication platforms to precisely detect any change regarding your stakeholders; with colleagues and external service providers to organize joint projects; and with other divisions within your company to safe time to market.

All our products are pre-configured to answer key questions regarding the value chain. We have built in all accepted standards and methods for market analysis, planning, reporting, benchmarking and best practice. Individual dashboards are available in real-time. Professional reports can be generated at the push of a button.
Ipm-360 products supply an infrastructure ready-to-use without any design risks. For special tasks only, or combined, to optimize the entire value chain.

IPM approach
Our integrated management approach combines business and market perspective with a uniform method.