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Intangible Performance Management (IPM)

We develop management solutions that align all activities on the corporate value and improve performance. Also, we create the information base to quickly and efficiently make the right decision.

Intangible assets - or values - have significant influence on the success of companies nowadays. So far there aren't any approaches to specifically build up these values, such as reputation, brand, motivation or the knowledge of employees.

Our goal is that intangibles can be managed and accounted just as professional as "hard" business data. For this purpose, our consulting and software solutions allow the planned, controlled and continuously optimized accumulation of intangible assets.

Our solutions are simple, practical, and give all parties - from top management to the specialist - a benefit. We do not develop systems for data collection, but to facilitate and improve the working day. More about our ipm-360 products

Since 2003 we deal with management and controlling of intangible assets. First, the Konzeptwerk GmbH, then from 2004 in a specially created company, the Ostermann Syskom GmbH, since 2007 signing with the firm name Intangible Performance Management United GmbH - in short IPM United.

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Our team consists of representatives of different disciplines.

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