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360 Performance: Manage strategically

Your job is not getting simpler on its own...
Managers today face a double challenge: When distributing budgets, your management asks for more and more precise statements regarding success and value added. In your division though, this is seen alongside a multitude of measures whose contribution to the achievement of your goals is oftentimes unclear. This might be the case because employees are too caught up in day to day business or because there is simply no time for planning and evaluation.

With 360 it might...
360 Performance allows you to align all your activities to your objectives and to evaluate and optimize their value added with only minimal efforts. 360 Performance supplies planning and reporting tools already fitted with real performance indicators. All the reports you need are updated continuously and are available at the push of a button: for reporting to the management, division meetings or for optimizing performance. Collecting, consolidating and visualizing data in Excel is time-consuming 360 Performance saves you the trouble.

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