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Professional processes. Excellent results.

The goal is to increase efficiency and quality of internal production processes in communication and marketing. For this purpose we make use of established controlling methods. We adapt these in a way that leaves still room for flexibility and creativity.

Optimization of processes
We investigate the internal production processes. From the results we develop a proposal for the product catalog of a department. For the production of individual products, such as press conference, staff meeting, annual report, ideal best-practice work flows are modelled (optionally).

Faster and better planning
The products serve as a blueprint for actions: work steps and experienced values are set out in product profiles. They provide a rough guide when planning actions and are always customizable.

Orchestration of internal media
To optimize internally produced media, we consider not only the production processes, but also the interaction in the communications mix and the content focus on stakeholder interests. The goal: All media communicate prioritized issues to target groups to increase the company's reputation systematically. The result is a process, which intertwines market research, cross-media planning and media production.

Benefit from experience
It is worthwhile to arrange process standards for internal operations. Experiences are used. Employees know exactly what to do.

Issue Management
Systematically plan content for stakeholders. Go to Issue Management.

The best media mix
Improve the media production through targeted Process Management.

Our white paper on solutions for Planning & Reporting shows which approach will best suit which needs.
You have questions about any of our fields of action? Our Managing Director Albrecht Kühn happily provides you with more information.