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Focused on goals and issues

The management of communication and marketing requires stability in planning and flexibility in daily operations. We show you how to do it.

Steady basis for planning
Goals and issues change, but the responsibilities of a communication or marketing unit remain valid in the long term. When developing a management system, we act in two stages: The first stage is a one-time mapping of reputation dimensions and issue fields, and - derived from it - value drivers and key figures. They are the basis for defining annual objectives and issues.

Join forces
Secondly, all actions are focused, across departments, on the annual goals and issues. This promotes synergies, increases power.

Across the threshold of perception
Achieve the best possible effect with limited resources. This is possible if all actions transport the same, mutually agreed contents and messages.

What's an evidence for the setting of annual objectives and issues? The company's image in public. An objective evidence base provides a firm-specific reputation model based on a zero measurement. It indicates, how well or poor the individual stakeholder groups assess the company. From here, the need for action for the annual objectives, issue priorities and budget allocation is derived.

Stronger in budget negotiations
The resources are mainly distributed on the reputation dimensions in which the business should be perceived more positively. For example, products & services, or ethical behavior. Thus, the effect-based management acts as a powerful argument in budget negotiations at the same time.

Issue Management
Systematically plan content for stakeholders. Go to Issue Management.

The best media mix
Improve media production by targeted Process Management.

Our white paper on solutions for Planning & Reporting shows which approach will best suit which needs.
You have questions about any of our fields of action? Our Managing Director Albrecht Kühn happily provides you with more information.