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Impact measurement as a guide

It is waste to leave expensive studies and media response analysis in the locker. Therefore, our goal is to make the results of performance measurement available for goal and action planning in your day-to-day business.

Claim the data treasure
With our consulting products for Evaluation and Monitoring systems, we support you to

  • discover existing data treasures in your company,
  • measure only necessary items,
  • convert the daily results into explicit actions.

Quick and inexpensive
The measuring instruments audit identifies, from the available measurement instruments, the relevant ones. They are then systematically targeted on goals, issues, actions. If necessary, we can also help in integrating additional measuring instruments. Example: Employee Seismograph.

Current water level report
The survey method developed by Prof. Brettschneider provides a fast and uncostly so called water level report concerning the degree of goal achievement and progress in the target groups: the latter are represented by the employees, which are interviewed on the target groups' opinions on the company. The Employee Seismograph is carried out in a rolling process every three to four months.

Objective proof of success
It is worth to examine the interplay of measuring instruments and optimize them as needed. Duplicate values are eliminated and synergies created. Objective facts provide a record of how successful issues, messages or actions are carried out. Thus, for communication management, there is current data, which can immediately be incorporated into the planning of actions.

Issue Management
Systematically plan content for stakeholders. Go to Issue Management.

The best media mix
improve the media production by targeted Process Management.

Our white paper on solutions for Planning & Reporting shows which approach will best suit which needs.
You have questions about any of our fields of action? Our Managing Director Albrecht Kühn happily provides you with more information.