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Reporting in a class of its own

For controllers the management and planning of communication and marketing is unsatisfactory in many companies. Meaningful reports are missing. Our consulting for data analysis and controlling ensures compatibility to the corporate controlling.

Data collector
The "classic corporate controlling" requires master and transaction data, particularly from

  • Project Controlling
  • Process Controlling
  • Cost and Revenue Controlling
  • Risk Controlling

We help you to combine data from different sources, such as SAP, MS Excel, MS Project, specialized applications.

Transparency instead of black box
The dynamic "business" of communication is no longer a black box for controllers. Data can be attributed to communication products and services. A receiver-oriented and standardized reporting system provides all controlling-relevant information.

Interface for ERP and BI systems
We recommend the following procedure:

  • Definition of reporting standards
  • Content design of reports: key figures, necessary data
  • Integration of ipm-360 management data and data from accounting and controlling in one report
  • Identification of data sources and definition of requirements for data collection
  • Interface design for the connection of ipm-360 to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI) systems (e.g. SAP, prevero7, cubeware, corporate planner).
  • Graphic design of the reports

More reputation for communication
With such a good position, communication catches up with traditional management disciplines. Its standing among other business units and the management is growing.

More impact
Budget by output: target-oriented use of resources.

Standards for planning
Improve the quality of your actions by the use of a product catalog.


How communications managers and controllers may develop a new market together with IPM: Article in the Controllermagazin.

You want more information? Our expert on controlling and ERP/BI connection is Prof. Dr. Uwe M. Seidel. Contact.