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To accompany change

It requires good will and a little practice to align all activities to goals and to address them uniformly. Reason enough for us to support projects with Change and Qualification opportunities. We want to motivate to adapt to the new step by step.

Answer staff's questions
Departmental goals, issues, key figures, product logic: People are interested in the meaning, impact and benefits they are provided with when "rethinking" their planning and implementing of actions. Therefore, it is critical to success, to define clear project goals, to communicate, and decidedly lead the team to carry out the change. We support you.

Coach in background
Managers play a key role in the introduction of value-based communications management. Only when they consistently set an example towards the targeting of goals and issue prioritization, put actions to the test and discard them when in lean cost-benefit ratio, the staff believes in the project and follows. Therefore, we offer head-coaching sessions. Typical situations and challenges in working life are analyzed, decision-making and design options demonstrated.

Communicate benefits
To stifle suspicions and rumors in the bud from the project beginning, we recommend the creation of transparency. For example, the fact that Communications Performance Management primarily provides and relieves the staff: The proof of one's own value addition serves as an argument for budget negotiations and legitimizes one's own work. A prioritization of actions creates space. We create materials for employee communications.

Professional. Highly qualified.
The employees practice a new approach in qualification trainings. The emphasis is on substantive action planning: What are our department goals? What activities address these goals? What topics can I communicate with my actions? If the support by the platform ipm-360 is planned, the employees learn to use the application accordingly.

Issue Management
Systematically plan content for stakeholders. Go to Issue Management.

The best media mix
Improve media production by targeted Process Management.

Our white paper on solutions for Planning & Reporting shows which approach will best suit which needs.
You have questions about any of our fields of action? Our Managing Director Albrecht Kühn happily provides you with more information.