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Connection between company and market

Our consulting connects business and market perspective based on our approach Intangible Performance Management. Advantage: your actions are strategy-compliant and hit the target customer group's mark.
Planning by gut feeling

Communicators face two main challenges: lack of clarity on the company goals and inexact knowledge of the needs of the stakeholders on the market side. This leads to planning to gut feeling. Result: high use of resources, low efficiency.

Organize work in a better way

With our approach Intangible Performance Management, we advise you in permanently organizing your work more effectively and more efficiently. Methodologically sound and from a single source. Optionally, all consulting modules can be combined with ipm-360 functions, allowing the results to be incorporated in your day-to-day business. For a permanent reduction in workload.

Our expertise
Our team consists of experts in different disciplines. You will therefore receive first class support by us in the consulting fields:

  • Strategic Management
  • Project & Process Management
  • Evaluation & Monitoring Systems
  • Data Analysis & Controlling
  • Change & Qualification.

We attach great value especially to the consulting field of Change & Qualification. Motivated employees are open to approach new ways. Therefore, if demanded, we integrate, inform and qualify everyone involved. You learn to plan and implement objectives, topics and actions to the best interests of the company.

System Support

Our Performance Management platform ipm-360 incorporates the consulting results into the day-to-day work. Examples of solutions to download.

Crisis Communication
In case of emergency everything runs like a clockwork. The White paper.

Issue Management
How to protect reputation? The response in a practical example.

Background reading

We hedge our approach by the expertise of scientists and practitioners. And publish articles.