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360° Analytics: Understand expectations

Do you know what drives your stakeholders?
Millions of stakeholders vote on the reputation & success of brands, products and people. Every day. Simply by clicking their mouse. Companies who listen to what stakeholders want know to communicate on the right topics, provide more suitable offers and thus be more successful than their competitors.

360° supplies opinion & trend analysis
360° Analytics translates singular opinions and posts into sets of opinions through continuous media analysis. It reveals what matches the expectations of your target group – and what doesn’t. 360° Analytics keeps you up to date on trends and opinion leaders concerning your company, your competitors and your industry sector. Thus allowing you to consistently align your planning with your stakeholders’ interests.

You already have your own data?
360° Analytics comes with interfaces allowing you to integrate your own data (e.g. surveys, media analysis and access statistics) and display them in high quality reports.

Our products
Profit from best practice at the push of a button using our pre-configured on-demand applications.